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About DJ Equipment

Some of the questions that are answered on this page are:

  • Do you have professional DJ Equipment?
  • Do you bring a complete backup DJ system with you to each event?
  • What does the appearance of your equipment set-up like?
  • Will you have a sign or banner on your DJ table?
  • Do you need a table and/or table cloth?

Just like consumer electronics, there are different levels and types of professional DJ Equipment. For most events, I use a laptop running professional DJ software plugged into a Bose L1 Dual Bass system originally designed for small to medium sized concert venues. It gives me a good balance of sound and flexibility while maintaining a small footprint. I also have a Pioneer 400 setup for events at which I mix live. I have tried other setups, and this is the most dependable that I've come across in a mobile system. Another great thing about the system is that I could easily get up and running again in the event of an equipment failure. I have never had an equipment failure at an event, but I have an adequate backup system on hand at every event for your piece of mind.

Each professional venue at which I have worked has provided me with a table. This is great because it guarantees that my table will fit the decor of the room. I have become ware that some venues actually charge clients for providing me with a table. If your venue intends to charge you for providing me a table, just let me know and I'll bring my own. I also provide my own table for non-professional venues (e.g. house parties, school events, back-yard weddings.

I do not bring signs to events or announce my DJ service.I find that even high quality signs and banners draw attention away from the event. I will hand out business cards when appropriate and I appreciate it when clients refer me to their friends.

Equipment Description

My setup at your event will depend on your individual needs. For most events, I'll have my laptop, a microphone (wired or wireless), and my Bose L1 speaker system.