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About DJ Music Requests

Questions About DJ Music Requests

Some of the questions that are answered on this page are:

  • Can I choose from a song list?
  • Can I choose a "no play" song list?
  • Does the DJ have a wide variety of song selections?
  • Can the DJ play songs to suite the tastes of ALL my guests?
  • How do you stay current with your DJ music library?
  • Do you take and play requests?
  • Can I see a list of your songs?
  • Do you have Spanish/Italian/Ballroom/Jewish/etc music?
  • How many songs do you have?

Disc Jockeys have different opinions on music. Some of us see our primary responsibility as throwing a great party. Wedding DJs like me think that our main responsibility is to carry out our clients instructions. Your idea of a great wedding may be quite different than my idea of a great wedding. Likewise, your idea of great music may be quite different than my idea of great music.

That's why I always request to be given a song list, artist list, or genre list of the music you want and don't want at your wedding. Some of my clients have wanted nothing but swing music, nothing but Motown, or nothing but 80s music. Other clients have told me to play whatever their guests asked to hear. I am comfortable in each of these situations.

I have a music library of over 30,000 songs ranging from Blues to Ballroom and World War II to newly released hits. Some wedding DJs have more music than I have while others have less than 3,000 songs in their collection. If you have very particular music tastes then you will do fine hiring a wedding DJ with a smaller collection as long as he specializes in the music styles that you prefer. However, if you want a DJ to have music that satisfies a wide selection of tastes, then you really should consider the amount of music that the DJ has as well as how he keeps his music up to date.

Many wedding DJs are moving away from having a hardcopy of their entire collection to have an electronic list that you can view electronically. This is because it takes a lot of paper to print 30,000 songs and also because any list is outdated the next time that a wedding DJ adds music to their collection. For wedding DJs who stay current with music by having a subscription to a radio music supplier, this would mean printing a new list every month.

As a wedding DJ, it would be nice to say that I have every song that you might ask me to play. Unfortunately, that's not true. Each bride and groom is unique and has some unique music to suit their tastes. Just make sure that your wedding DJ is willing to go buy the music that you want for your wedding.