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How to pay your DJ

Paying your DJ

Some of the questions that are answered on this page are:

  • Do you require a deposit?
  • What are my payment options?
  • How should I pay my DJ?
  • Can I pay you the day of my wedding?
  • Can I pay you after my wedding?

Most DJs require a deposit or retainer. Sometimes, the dollar amount will be a low, flat rate to encourage clients to book early. Other times, the dollar amount will be based on the total amount that you are being charged by your DJ. In most cases, you have not booked the DJ until you have paid their retainer.

Many DJs now accept credit cards, Pay Pal payments, checks, and cash. The method of payment is really up to you. Pay Pal and credit card companies charge their merchants 3-5% for use. Still, some DJs will prefer you to use those methods of payment because it is easier to track their finances that way. Some DJs prefer cash because they can pocket it without paying taxes on it. Still, others prefer checks because it is a simpler paper trail for accounting purposes and does not involve a 3-5% service charge. The choice is yours.

The balance is almost always due before the start of your wedding, but there are some exceptions. Sometimes, balance will be due up to a month in advance. The full payment may even be required in order to book a DJ service. Failure to pay the balance by the due date will give the DJ the option to cancel their services without informing you and without giving you your money back. However, many DJs will stay in contact you and work with you in order to give you a great wedding day.