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Big List of Questions To Ask A DJ

This is probably your first time hiring a DJ. I have compiled this list of questions that you can ask any DJ that you are considering hiring. I have included my answers to the questions so that you can learn more about my services. I hope this page is helpful to you. Feel free to use the feedback page to ask us question that are not on this page. Also, I have added short essays regarding specific aspect that I hope help you to hire a DJ.

  1. How much should I expect to pay for a DJ?
    This is a difficult question to answer because of the variety of situations in which a DJ works. Assuming that your DJ will be providing music, announcements, and equipment for no more than 150 people for no more than 4 hours, you should expect to pay between $100 and $250 for each performance hour. I do not recommend hiring a DJ that charges less than $100 for each performance hour. If you add in additional sound, party lights, slide shows, games, party planning, and detailed MC services, the price you pay can reach over $2000 for an event.
  2. How much do you charge?
    The average amount that I charge for an event is around $600. Wedding are more because of the additional time required to plan and execute the event. Show up and play events, such as most school dances, will be less as they require less time to plan and execute those events.
  3. Does your price include everything that you offer as a DJ?
    The prices on my website and my quote generator include only the specific services listed. Specialized services are available by request and the prices for those services are determined on a case by case basis.
  4. Do you have any hidden charges?
    I have no hidden charges.
  5. Do you charge extra for lighting?
    I don't offer lighting.
  6. Do you require a deposit?
    In order to reserve the date of your event, I require a first payment that is usually equal to 25% of the contract amount. See my DJ Prices page for more information.
  7. Can I pay you the day of my event?
    Balance is due before the date of your event. Failure to pay may result in cancellation of service and forfeiture of any money that has been paid to me up to that point.
  8. What are my payment options?
    Most forms of payment are acceptable. Cash or check is preferred. Other electronic payments are doable.
  9. Does the price include music during the cocktail hour and/or during dinner?
    My pricing is itemized. One aspect is the amount of time I spend performing services. Another aspect is the amount of equipment needed to service your event. If your cocktail hour requires a separate sound system, then that will result in a higher price. However, I only charge extra for time if more time is needed.
  10. Can I choose from a song list?
    I have an extensive music library and welcome requests. I can supply a music list, though I generally suggest that you refer to a top 200 list as shuffling through my entire library will likely be overwhelming for you. I will make a good faith effort to play all requests.
  11. Can I choose a "no play" song list?
    It is typically better to describe a type of music that you want me to avoid at your event. However, you are welcome to submit a no-play list.
  12. Does the DJ have a wide variety of song selections?
    My library includes Latin, Italian, Rock, Blues, Swing, Hip Hop, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Ballroom and lots of others. I am continually expanding my DJ music library.
  13. Can the DJ play songs to suite the tastes of ALL my guests?
    If your guests like music, I am sure that I have music that they will enjoy.
  14. How do you stay current with your DJ music library?
    I subscribe to Top Hits USA. It provides us with the latest hits on the radio through several genres.
  15. Do you take and play requests?
    I am approachable, friendly and will gladly take and play requests. Requests are a great way to feel out the type of guests that are at an event. Good requests simply allow me to do a better job.
  16. Can I see a list of your songs?
    My DJ music library contains over thirty thousand songs. It will be much easier if you just tell me what songs you want played. You can look through part of my music library by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
  17. Do you have Spanish, Italian, Ballroom, Jewish, etc. music?
    My DJ Music Library has many different types of music. I am continually adding both current hits and client requests to my music library.
  18. How many songs do you have?
    My DJ music library includes over thirty thousand songs and I purchase new CDs each month to keep my DJ music library up to date.
  19. Are you going to pressure me to decide if I will hire you right away?
    No. There is a real risk of missing out on having me as your DJ while you are trying to decide if you will hire me because someone else can hire me while you are still thinking about it. That being said, I'd rather you not hire me and know that you wanted to than have you hire me and wonder if it was the right decision. I say, wait until you are sure.
  20. Are you insured?
    Yes, I can provide documentation of my insurance policy on request.
  21. How do you dress for an event?
    It really depends on the event. More and more I am moving towards black slacks and a black company polo. However, I have several suits and a couple of tuxedos for more formal events. I also have themed close for themed events.
  22. Do you have references for your DJ services?
    I can refer you to past clients on your request.
  23. Does Joseph Ivy belong to any disc jockey associations?
    I am a member of the Phoenix Chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association. It is a national organization providing mobile entertainers with training and networking opportunities.
  24. Do you sell events to other DJs?
    No, I always provide my DJ services at the events that I book, and I am happy to recommend other quality DJ service providers if my services are not available on the date of your event.
  25. Do you bring a complete backup DJ system with you to each event?
  26. Do you have professional DJ Equipment?
    Yes, my two primary systems include professional brand names like Bose, Fender, Gemini, and Pioneer. I can DJ with high quality digital files as well as CD decks. My system also allows for the input of musical instruments, extra microphones, and other audio devices.
  27. What does the appearance of your equipment set-up like?
    One setup is a computer and the other is the Pioneer 400 setup with two CDJs and a digital mixer. The Pioneer 400 setup looks cooler and allows for live mixing while DJing straight from the computer allows me to be more interactive and focus more on being the Master of Ceremonies. Each setup can use the same set of speakers.
  28. Will you have a sign or banner on your DJ table?
    I do not bring signs to events. I find that even high quality signs and banners draw attention away from your event. In addition, I will not lay business cards on your tables. Guests who are interested in my services are welcome to approach me personally and I will happily give them a card at their request. I will simply announce myself as Joseph, your DJ.
  29. Do you need a table and/or table cloth?
    Most venues will provide me with a table that is dressed to fit in with the decor of your event. However, I can provide my own table and table cloth as needed.
  30. Do you have a service guarantee?
    I offer a 100% Money Back Service Guarantee on all of my services.
  31. Can I meet with you before my event?
    I often don't have time to meet with client in person for a final consultation, but I am available for regular phone and email contact as your event approaches.
  32. Do you have a promotional video?
    I do not have a promotional video.
  33. Do you perform at any nightclubs or on any radio stations?
    I do not perform my services for nightclubs or radio stations. That is a different section of the entertainment industry and it requires a different set of skills.
  34. How long have you been a Disc Jockey?
    I entered the mobile entertainment business in the late 1990s. I have worked as a DJ, a DJ's assistant, a dancer, and a private dance instructor. I started my own DJ company in January 2006.
  35. Will you make announcements at my event?
    I will make the announcements. I recognize that a great DJ knows to minimize the amount of time they spend speaking through microphone. It allows the guests to focus on each other and your party.
  36. Will you be on time?
    I will typically arrive at least an hour early. This gives me time to set up all of my equipment, check the sound, review the notes that I have taken for your event, practice the announcements, and change into suitable DJ attire before your guests begin to arrive.
  37. How early will you be Set-Up?
    I will arrive about an hour before your event and complete my equipment set up at least 15 minutes before your event begins. My set-up time will increase as you request additional services such as a cocktail hour, wedding ceremony, or extended sound equipment.
  38. Will you go over what we need to do at my event?
    I am happy to assist you by answering any questions that you would like to ask me. However, if you require a significant amount of planning assistance, I suggest you consult with a professional event planner.
  39. Are we guaranteed the DJ of our choice the day of our event?
    Absolutely, one of the great things about contracting a single-operation DJ service is that I will never stick you with a low-quality employee.
  40. What is your policy on food and alcohol?
    I never drink alcohol while I work. As a rule of thumb, I do not eat while I work either. If you or your guests will be offended if I don't eat then please let me know so I can plan accordingly.
  41. Who is Day-Of- Event Management?
    I offer basic Master of Ceremonies services. If you require significant day-of event management then I can provide that at a significant additional charge.
  42. Are you a full-time DJ?
    No. This is really something that I do for pleasure.
  43. What do you do to get people dancing?
    I really focus on playing music. I can lead line dances, a barn dance, and play games to get people relaxed enough to get out on the dance floor. Ido not use crazy hats, glow sticks, maracas, inflatable instruments, party beads, hula hoops or any other party favors unless I am specifically requested to do so.
  44. Are you going to talk a lot?
    I use the microphone when I make announcements and for some minimal interaction. The rest of my talking will be person to person.
  45. How can I find other DJs?
    The best way to find a DJ is at an event like the one you are having. In other words, if your have been to a great wedding then ask that couple about their DJ. If they are booked, then the DJ will usually be able to recommend several other talented DJs. The second best way is through professional organizations like the one that I belong to, the Arizona Chapter of the America Disc Jockey Association.
  46. What does a DJ do?
    DJ stands for Disc Jockey and generally refers to anyone who plays music for an audience. The DJ industry also has many subgroups. There are those who focus on scratching and mixing music, particular types of music, or particular types of events. I specialize in weddings, private parties, and corporate events.
  47. Do you know the proper etiquette for your type of party?
    I have always interacted well with each group at every event for which I have provided services.
  48. How do you describe your style?
    I am attentive, appropriate and detail oriented. I believe in asking question so that I know exactly what you want and planning ahead so I can deliver exactly what you want.
  49. Explain how you will handle the introductions, first dance, cake cutting, garter, bouquet and special dances.
    That depends on what you want. I make sure that key people are in the room, make the announcement, and get out of the way. It is your moment. Enjoy it!
  50. Can we see you in action?
    No. I don't generally DJ public events and I will not invite potential clients to see me in action at your event any more than I will invite you to see me in action at theirs.
  51. Do you have a website?
    Ivy Entertainment's official website address is
  52. Do you provide a contract?
    As part of my insurance, every event that I perform at must have a written contract.
  53. Do you have a reception planning form?
    I have a reception questionnaire that helps us to develop a timetable for your event based on your answers and our verbal discussions.
  54. Are you licensed?
    Arizona does not have a licensing agency that applies to DJs. However, I do have insurance and several trade names registered for my DJ service.
  55. How many breaks will you take during the reception?
    I do not plan to take breaks during your event.
  56. Will there be music played during these breaks?
    If I took a break, I would continue to have music playing.