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Phoenix Dance Instruction Services

I charge $50 for each hour of dance instruction. I teach the contemporary social styles of dances and not competitive dance style. I can teach introductory lessons in bachata, merengue, night club two step, west coast swing, east coast swing and salsa.

Experience the benefits of one-on-one dance instruction. Most social dancers focus on group dance lessons. Group dance lessons are good, but they usually aren't about learning how to dance. Usually, they are about learning a dance. You may think that I have just contradicted myself, but I'll explain why I didn't.

Each dance has its unique combination of counts, body positioning and basic steps. A particular song matches a particular dance when sounds in the song synchronize with elements of the dance. One of the methods of judging a dance is comparing the interpretive elements that the dancers add to their dance with the interpretive elements that a music artist adds to their music. Learning a dance is learning a series of basic steps to a given count with the appropriate body position.

Learning to dance is learning how to make the movements of your body match or complement the movements of your partner and the song. When you learn to dance, you are also taught more subtle elements of dance that instructors simply don't have time to teach in group lessons. Imagine spending an hour learning which part of your feet that your weight is supposed to be over. I've done it and I am still practicing it on a regular basis.