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I am a Phoenix wedding DJ (Disc Jockey) service dedicated to making your celebration precisely what you want it to be through DJ and Master of Ceremonies (MC) services.

Importance of a wedding DJ

It has been proven in movies, television shows, live theater performances, and in your lives that well chosen music can add to the pleasure of any moment. My wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies services centers around playing the right music at the right time by planning ahead so that those times take place when your photographer, videographer, and guests are all prepared to enjoy them.

An experienced DJ

I have worked as an assistant DJ to another Phoenix based DJ, a dancer for a couple of other DJ services and now, I own my own Phoenix based DJ company. The events that I have worked at have taught me that there is no single key that guarantees that your ceremony and reception will be great and memorable. Great ceremonies and receptions require planning and that's where the majority of my time will be spent as your wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies.

A versatile DJ

Your ceremony can include a candle lighting, cup sharing, mixing of sand, poetry. Your reception can include cake cutting, garter toss, first dance, best wishes, and family dances. Of course, there are many more things that you can do that are not even listed. You may have a fun party with games and group dances in mind, or you may imagine a more elegant, intimate ceremony and reception. I have experience with a wide range of traditions and experience. As you wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies, I can assist you in planning and will take the lead directing the flow and fun of your wedding giving you the opportunity to focus on enjoying your wedding.

Making memories

Cake, decorations, dinner, and a great view of Phoenix can each add to a Ceremony and Reception, but people don't usually remember those things. However, they will remember how beautiful the bride is that day and how much fun they had celebrating the marriage with the happy couple. I will help you make that memory.